Discover your natural talent...

Increase your vitality, focus, confidence and charisma.

Improve your English pronunciation and vocabulary.

Refine and develop your current musical skills.

Learn to improvise.

Learn to harmonize.

Learn to play and sing by ear and how to read music.

Learn how to write your own musical charts in any key - great for anyone in a band!

I have the experience, knowledge and heart to help you on your musical journey.

Students are required to maintain focus for a minimum of 15 minutes.

I am a professional singer and musician for over 30 years, performing with Le Cirque with the World’s Top Performers - Italy, Cirque du Soleil - Macau,  Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation, Solo and Dueling Pianos on: Royal Caribbean Cruises, across the United States (Chicago Illinois, New York, Las Vegas, Reno, California, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, Alabama, Florida, Utah, Nebraska, Arkansas, Washington, Idaho, Oklahoma, Kansas, Georgia, Missouri, Minnesota, South Dakota), Mexico, Canada, Switzerland, Germany.

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Central Illinois USA Composer, Central Illinois USA Singer, Central Illinois USA Voice Over Artist, Central Illinois USA Studio Musician